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French Reef

The triangular shaped French Reef is located north of Molasses Reef and about 12 km southeast of Key Largo.

The French Reef is known for its numerous small caves which you can dive or swim through. Christmas Treef Cave, Sand Bottom Cave and Donut Hole are some of them. The reef is also part of the nature reserve around Key Largo. A tip for you: the rugged structure of the reef can be challenging for inexperienced divers without a guide.

Molasses Reef

Easy to get to and easy to dive this nature reserve. It is the most visited reef in the Upper Keys and is one of the most popular dive diving spots in the world. Molasses is known for its biodiversity. One can find all kinds of Caribbean fish, sharks and corrals. Especially the clear water faszinier many divers and snorkelers. The entire reef structure of the Florida Keys is also a barrier reef and to Australia and Belize, the third largest in the world. In the center of Molasses Reef is a historical winch of a sunken Spanish schooner and a historic Spanish anchor. Both are heavily overgrown with corrals and often inhabited by moray eels.

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